rapid moneytree

Why Rapid

An application such as Moneytree is a long term investment. You need to be confident that the application not only meets your current needs but that it can evolve along with your business and the market as a whole.

The founders of Rapid all come from a background of running the operations for institutional investment managers and delivering software to global fund managers. This background means that we understand the nuances of different administration processes and that we can incorporate changes into our product without losing any of the intuitiveness which is so important to ensuring acceptance by the day to day users.

We can also help alleviate the burden of collating your historical data and importing it into Moneytree, thus making the transition process as painless as possible.

Combined with hand picked developers and the use of the latest technologies such as Ruby and JQuery, we have avoided the legacy platforms inherent in so many systems and developed a robust, high performance yet customizable solution for a highly specialized area of the fund management business.